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RULES - 2022

1.       INTERPRETATION OF RULES.  Interpretation of these rules will be at the discretion of tournament officials.  Decisions of the officials shall be final.  All American Anglers reserves the right to refuse or accept any annual fees or tournament entries to anyone.

2.       ELIGABILITY.  We reserve the right to refuse membership or entry to any All American Anglers events.  This tournament trail is for amateur anglers only.  Professional anglers and guides are not eligible.  Any angler who has competed in a tournament with an entry fee of $1000 or greater in the past 12 months immediately preceding the tournament event are considered a professional.  These tournaments include, but are not limited to, anglers competing on the professional side in the B.A.S.S. opens and FLW Everstart Series. Also if you have been a professional guide on any lake in the last 24 months you are considered a professional fisherman and will not be allowed.

3.        PAYMENTS.  Payments must be made through Venmo no later than 24 hours before official start time.

4.       ENTRY FEES and MEMBERSHIP DUES.  Membership dues are $100.00 per boat.   We are fishing 6 regular season tournaments at $120.00 per boat and 1 two-day championship at $240.00 per boat.

§  $100.00 of entry fees to be paid towards tournament

§  $10.00 to Big Bass

§  $10.00 put back for Angler of the Year

§  If a team cannot make a tournament for any reason, you must call a tournament director prior to First Cast and your entry fee will be applied to the next tournament. If a tournament director is not called prior to First Cast you are entered in the tournament.

§  There will be no new members allowed after the first tournament or once we have our 30 teams. 

5.       CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFICATION.  To qualify for the championship you must fish a minimum of 4 out of the 6 tournaments.  As mentioned entry fees for the championship will be $240.00 per boat. With 2 big bass payouts, one each day.  

6.       SAFETY.  Safe motoring must be observed at all times.  All American Anglers and its officials WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS.  Life jackets must be worn any time boat is on pad. Everyone fishes at their own risk.  If a lake is deemed hazardous by the All American Anglers tournament directors the date or lake may have to be changed.

7.       POLYGRAPH.  Any team, team member, or substitute member can be requested to take polygraph examination at the discretion of the tournament directors.  A failure of the polygraph examination or the refusal to take a polygraph examination will result in full disqualification, and you will be required to return all money that has been won by that team.

8.       TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT.  There is no limit on boat or motor size.  There shall be no bank fishing.  There shall be no trolling with big motor.  No live bait will be permitted.  Only artificial lures, pork, or pork type baits shall be used.  A-rigs will be allowed. Only one rod and reel may be used at any given time.  No Participant may have a platform, raised deck, or ladder which is higher than the gunnel of the boat.  Standing on fishing seats or outboard motor will not be allowed during tournament hours.

9.       LEGAL FISH.  Only largemouth, smallmouth, and Kentucky or spotted Bass will be legal tournament fish.  14" minimum unless otherwise posted.   All fish will be measured on an official bump board with mouth closed, tail pinched, and swept.  Each team can weigh in a 5 fish limit unless lake bag limits dictate otherwise . Any short fish brought to the scales will be culled from your sack, and your team will be assessed a 1 pound penalty.  There will be no culling at the ramp, and if more than five (5) fish are brought to the scales by any one team, the largest fish of the creel will be culled by tournament officials.  All fish must be caught during tournament hours.  All fish will be released back into the lake as soon as possible after they are weighed in.

10.       TIE BREAKER.  Ties in total weight will be broken with team with most number of fish, if still tied then the team with the biggest fish wins, if still tied there will be a coin toss.  If a tie occurs on Big Bass of the tournament there will be a coin toss for a winner.

11.   SPORTSMANSHIP.  Poor sportsmanship such as threats to other contestants or tournament directors will result in disqualification. If a team is banned from All American Anglers their membership fees will NOT be reimbursed. No fishing permitted within 50 yards of another team unless pre-agreed by both teams.  Failure to recognize water deemed dangerous or off limits by state regulations will result in disqualification.  Any additional off limit areas will be specified prior to takeoff on All American Angler website.

12.   PROTEST.  Protests must be filed in writing within ten (10) minutes after weigh in, with tournament officials.  All decisions by tournament officials will be final.

13.   PENALTIES.  Dead fish penalty of 1 pound will be deducted for each dead fish.  Any participant late for weigh in, one pound will be deducted from total for each minute late, up to five (5) minutes.  There will be no weight in or points except for participation points after five minutes.

14.   SUBSTITUTIONS.  A team can have 2 substitutions during the year.  If you are having a major medical procedure and can no longer fish, the tournament directors may allow for a permanent substitute.  Substitutions for the championship must pay membership fees.  NO TEAM WILL BE ALLOWED TO SPLIT INTO TWO TEAMS AND FISH AN ALL AMERICAN ANGLER TOURNAMENT.  You can not use another club member from another team as a substitute for any event.

15.   RESPONSIBILITY.  Anglers are responsible for all applicable taxes on both cash and merchandise awards. All American Anglers and/or its directors will not be liable or responsible for any accidents.

16.   TRAILERING. Boaters may launch their boat from any public ramp that is accessible by water on the lake at any time they wish.  First cast will be announced on the All American Anglers website along with any off limit areas or slot sizes.  No pre-fishing after official sunset on the previous day.

17.   AOY SCORING.  Each team will be awarded 10 points for tournament entry plus total weight of fish weighed.  5 points will be awarded for Big Bass, and AOY will be paid at the end of the regular season.

18.   PAYOUT.  One place per 6 entries.

19.   CANCELLATION OR EARLY WEIGH IN. If a tournament gets canceled for any reason each team’s entry fee will be applied to the next tournament.  Any change to weigh in time or cancellation will be announced on the All American Anglers website prior to the tournament.  If inclement weather is predicted All American Anglers tournament directors may change the time of weigh in.  

20.   LIVEWELL INSPECTION.  Any tournament director or All American Angler Club Member  can do a live well inspection at any time on any boat fishing in an All American Angler tournament.  

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